Top BlackBerry Smartphone Applications

The BlackBerry smartphone product line have the leading presence in the business market, but it is not only about the smartphone device designed by RIM. BlackBerry applications have also developed a craze among the BlackBerry users and that also include developers.  BlackBerry App World has really encouraged the developers around the world to develop applications and compete with each other. On the other ha   nd BlackBerry users want to have more applications that they can download and use. BlackBerry App World  is the perfect place from where users can download any application related to many fields including Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Health & Wellness, IM & Social Networking, Maps & Navigation, Music & Audio, News, Photo & Video, Productivity, Reference & eBooks, Shopping, Sports & Recreation, Test Center, Themes, Travel, Utilities and Weather. Following is the list of top free BlackBerry applications.

1.    BlackBerry Messenger


BlackBerry Messenger by RIM is the most famous and widely used application. Even there are users who bought BlackBerry smartphones only because of this application which provides the most convenient way of communication with friends and family. You just need to share your PIN and then you can connect from anywhere with your dear ones.  The application has support for multiple languages that also include Hindi. Picture sharing and voice notes sending are really easy. Moreover, the app has user friendly menus and very simple display of contact list. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 and above.

2.    Facebook

Facebook application also by RIM itself is really popular which every user wants to have on his/her smartphone. With this BlackBerry application you can stay connected with your social life activities from anywhere.  You can poke friends, send messages, write on walls, add comments to wall posts, upload photos, check the news feed and can invite friends. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.2.0 and above.

3.    Solitaire

The game Solitaire by Odesys LLC is the single player game which is liked by almost every BlackBerry user. Solitaire also known as Klondike is also the mostly played game by PC users with Windows. With this smartphone application one can now continue this games delight on a BlackBerry smartphone. The game has similar auto collect feature with animated motion of the cards. You can redo and undo your moves and the game is automatically saved on exit. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 and above.

4.    Twitter

Twitter BlackBerry application also by RIM receives the notification of all the Tweets very quickly. The Twitter message is also delivered to your inbox just like an SMS or email that you can check and reply. With this application, Camera pictures on the smartphone and BB Browser links can be shared directly on Twitter. With a tweet you can also retweet, follow friends, search and find them and can search topics. Moreover, your location can also be added with the tweets. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 and above.

5.    WhatsApp Messenger
blackberry 8830 full

WhatsApp Messenger application by WhatsApp Inc. is a no doubt an intelligent and smart application that will make your messenger experience on the smartphone really great. It is a cross-platform application that means it is available for platforms other than BlackBerry and you can communicate with your friends even they do not have a BlackBerry device. The other features of the application include group chat, sharing of videos, voice notes and images. The app uses 3G/EDGE internet data plan and can also work through WiFi. Once connected, you can send as many messages as you want. Friend/Contact list populates automatically through the Address Book adding the only contacts that use the messenger application. This messenger has so many features and it is worthy to have it on your BlackBerry. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.2.0 and above.

6.    crunchSMS

crunchSMS by crunchSMS is also another top free BlackBerry application on App World. The application is for SMS purposes but in a chat style with text bubbles and users can add smileys, photos, contacts and signatures. Overall this application makes the texting experience really great, nice and easy. Plus there is no limit for messages; the app handles it well by auto splitting the SMS in 160 characters for CDMA networks. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 and above.

7.    Free Chat for Facebook

Free Chat for Facebook by SolverLabs is a chat application for Facebook users. With this application you can easily chat with your Facebook contacts. The application has all the main features of a regular messenger like smileys can be added to the chat. Application also shows the status of the user as online, offline or idle. Whenever, a chat message arrives LED notification appear and also a pop up screen is displayed. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.6.0 and above.

8.    Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry

Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry by S4BB is an amaziBlackberry Bold 9000ng cool application that provides with the hidden emoticons right inside the BlackBerry messenger. It is sort of a plug-in for the BB Messenger application. With Smiley Pack you can customize your messages and statuses by adding emoticons. The awesome thing is the emoticons are also displayed in your friend’s status and messages even if he/she is not using this application on the smartphone. Currently, the application is providing almost more than 250 smileys and 218 flags of different countries. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 5.0.0 and above.

9.    Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger by RIM provides the same full experience you have while chatting on your PC. With this app users can now chat at anytime from anywhere while on the go from their favorite MSN messenger and can check the statuses of friends. MSN contact list is available from where contacts can be blocked, added or deleted. New invitations are also notified. Moreover, users can set their customized status messages. Users can chat with friends that are online from MSN messenger they have on PC or BlackBerry smartphone. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.2.0 and above.

10.    BlackBerry Protectblackberry 9720

BlackBerry Protect also by RIM is the protection application that every BlackBerry user should have installed on
their devices. If your data plan is supported then you can have this application on your smartphone and in any case you lose your phone or it is stolen you can just simply go to BB Protect website with your account and can locate your phone, lock it, clean all the content and information, make the BlackBerry ring louder and can also display the instruction message on the screen for anyone who finds it. Moreover, wirelessly backup and restore facility is also available with which users can have the contacts, memos, calendar, bookmarks and messages. The backup can also be set to auto on monthly, weekly and daily basis. The application runs on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.6.0 and above.