How Smartphone Buyers in Kenya Find Great Deals

What constitutes an amazing deal for mobiles? Around the world most shoppers agree they hope to find a handset that meets, and then exceeds their expectations. In Buying Kenya smartphone reviews indicate this means reliable connectivity and easy to use. They also want an OS that makes updating a snap, cheap apps, simple downloads, and excellent sound. Most would also like a better than average camera, and good screen resolution. This sounds like a tall order, but good buys on mobiles are available.

  • The Best Technology has to Offer

Love them or hate them, Apple tops the list of the best smartphones in Kenya, and around the globe. One of the most innovative companies in a generation as far as design, and usability the iPhone series continues to remain at the top of wish lists for customers in this country. While still a higher price smartphone in the mobile marketplace the Apple iPhone SE is a little less expensive than the iPhone 6. The SE, which comes in stylish colors such as the Rose Gold has a smaller screen at 4”, but does offer good resolution at 326ppi. Boasting the Apple 9 chipset, this handset runs the iOS 9.3. What sets it apart when a shopper compares smartphones is the Fingerprint ID sensor aiding secure, simple transactions. For anyone needing a great camera, however, this one might be a bit less than needed. The primary is 12MP, and the front facing camera is 5MP. Naturally, many who read reviews of the latest smartphones might lean toward purchasing the iPhone 6s, which has a sleeker, slimmer look.

iphone SE

  • Budget Breaking: Higher Price Smartphones in Kenya

New iPhones are among the most common to be found in comparison lists. The iPhones, many at Ksh. 80,000 or above might seem pricey, but in fact there are more elegant offerings to be found.  One smartphone review Kenyans read with interest was writing by Vera Sidika, a popular figure in the country’s media. She modeled her BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981, a mobile with a dream design anyone could fall in love with quickly. Advertised as one of the best smartphones available, it is also one of the most beautiful designed. While the gold tone, and artful placement of icons on the screen do make this device impress, the specifications are not very different from other cheap smartphones Kenyan’s usual own. The display is 2.8” with 640 x 480 PPI. The Porsche uses the BlackBerry 7.0 operating system, but has only 8GB internal memory and 768MB RAM. The camera is only 5MP. The Porshe P’9981 initially launched at over Ksh. 210,000.

  • How Buyers Find Android Devices

motorola phone

Motorola made the mistake of entering Kenya’s new smartphone market featuring its own operating system. Seeing their error from buyer complaints the company changed direction and make a deal allowing for the use of the Android OS. Current smartphone reviews tout the Motorola as a great, albeit more expensive than most available in the country at this point. One of their latest smartphones in Kenya is the Droid Turbo 2. This entry offers great connectivity and durable construction. Shatterproof this handset weighs only 170.1 grams, and has a 5.4” inch screen. The screen to body ratio is as above average 69.8%, making the AMOLED capacitive touchscreen remarkably easy to use. Resolution is 1440 x 2560 or 540 ppi, which should interest those who enjoy gaming or watching videos on their phone. In fact, the 2160p at 30fps, 1080p at 30fps and HDR are among the best available for watching and using video. This is also a good choice for taking pictures with the Droid Turbo 2’s with this smartphone’s 21MP camera with phase detection, and dual-LED flash.


  • Finding Entertainment with Mobiles

One of the outstanding aspects of having one of the latest smartphones in Kenya is the amount of entertainment that’s possible for the user at any point in the day. Playing a game while commuting, chatting with friends, and sharing or watching a video is possible anywhere there’s connectivity with the right mobile. A solid selection is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The exterior design of this handset is not remarkable with a blocky look, but users see the beauty in having the screen lock button on the opposite side of the volume controls prevent the common problem of locking unintentionally. The backward facing camera is well placed making it simple to operate. Those who review smartphones for Kenya’s press have repeatedly stated the S7 edge’s screen is far superior to the Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Hard to Find Deals

Currently, some of the latest smartphones Kenya buyers are hoping for, can be difficult to find. Some are delayed on the market, while others are snapped up quickly once they are placed for sale. The LG Google Nexus 5X, is the newer version of this series available in the country, and at the present time some potential buyers are having trouble locating one to purchase. Despite this being a Single Nano SIM device, it’s easy to understand the desire to have one. This is a lightweight, sleek mobile with USB Type-C connector, anda rear fingerprint sensor. The connectivity and media with this handset is outstanding with Wifi, USB, GPS along with Bluetooth while it supports 2G, 3G, and 4G. The Android OS v6. 0 (Marshmallow) also makes this mobile a good buy for those who can find it.

  • Finding Familiar Names with New Options

Wiko is a familiar name on the list of best smartphones in Kenya. The Wiko Fever Special Edition is truly a giant step forward for the brand, and buyers won’t have too much trouble locating a handset from a local seller. The Wiko 2 is a good, very well designed device, but the Fever Special Edition is one potential customers should give a careful look. Featuring a 5.2” IPS FHD display with 424ppi users will have a brilliant display, and the ability to adjust contrast and color to taste, or for certain tasks. Unlike many devices that at best cast only a sickly glow in the dark this handset lights up and makes using it in various lighting a breeze. As with most new phones the 13MP camera is rear facing, and the front has a 5MP sensor with flash, making it a good selection for those who want basic photography functions.

  • The Best Choices for the Little Jobs

InnJoo Note

The frustration of buying an expensive device that’s so complex the little tasks are hard to perform is eliminated by purchasing an entry level smartphone geared toward the jobs the user needs done. Taking a selfie shouldn’t be hard, and with the InnJoo Max2 it’s effortless. This is not the most attractive handset, but the gold tone does set it apart from other entry level models. When buyers compare smartphones in Kenya’s market, they are pleasant surprise with the InnJoo’s models. The construction is good, and the IPS display with 294ppi, and 720p resolution is very good for mobile duties such as playing games or checking email. The device itself is only 5” so using it with just one hand is possible, and the weight is only 166.3 grams. This handset has a Dual SIM, a factor that eliminates many problems with keeping connected. The 4000mAh battery one of the best offered for mobile devices. Most importantly, it’s easy to use for those tasks the majority of users require such as taking a selfie, or access the internet. The rear camera is 13MPI, with a f/20 aperture, and it has a dual-LED flash. The front camera on the Max2 is a better than average 8MP.

  • Great Deals in Small Packages

For some users the best mobile deals are the ones with lowest price. In Kenya cheap smartphones and mobiles are easy to locate, but inexpensive choices with good value aren’t common. The HTC Butterfly 3 is less expensive of the HTC One M9+, but the minor differences shouldn’t count against it. The capabilities of both devices are very similar with only some small difference. True, the cover is plastic, so for smartphone reviews in Kenya for the Butter 3 have been harsh regarding the device’s ability to stand up to daily use. Buyers should understand plastic isn’t as resistant a material as those used in the construction of the other HTC devices, but the Butterfly 3 is IP67 Certified which means it is weather sealed. The 5.2” screen has QHD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, and a 565ppi density, an improvement, even over some handsets that are much higher in price. The other benefit of selecting this option is the Android 5.1 OS that’s upgradable to the 6.0 Marshmallow version.

Note: When shopping in Kenya for the best smartphones, and great deals mobile users will find the list of options keeps growing. As more and more mobile users buy these devices the competition continues to build. More brands and companies are entering the country with better technology, and more attractive offers every year.