Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2016 Offers and Deals

Jumia Black Friday will be happening on November 25th, 2016. It’s just weeks away, and the Black Friday mood is already in the air. The big day marks the start of the Christmas shopping season and Kenyans are waiting for the day with a lot of desperation for massive discounts and sales offered by the number one online shop, Jumia Kenya. At times, Jumia Kenya starts holding the Black Friday sales some day before the mega day. It’s a day that can turn memorable to you if you take advantage of the huge discounts and coupons codes expected to be offered that day. All you need is proper planning and preparation for you to win some of the few selected hot deals on Jumia Kenya Black Friday.

Jumia Deals and Offers

  • Fashion
  • Smartphones
  • Televisions
  • Kitchen
  • Shoes

Black Friday Deals on Fashion


The Black Friday and shopping season has just begun. It is this moment in time that Jumia is preparing to give you a worth to your money with the latest fashion from the top brands. Many types of fashion will be available on Jumia website on that day, and the prices will be extremely fantastic. From the ads doing rounds, the fashion products are designed by experts who know how the Kenyan weather feels like. Jumia Kenya-Black Friday has set their motto which is “Customer Satisfaction.” So to achieve this, the company fashion deals are available in different sorts of ranges and sizes. Whether you are skinny or fatty, tall or short, male or female, young or old, Black Friday on Jumia Kenya will have something for you. Everything is set to fit everyone’s taste and personality.

Other than just fashion, the prices are too good to be true. Massive discounts will be given to every cloth you purchase. Coast and T-shirts will be at a through away price. You can keep checking on the different ads posted online just to stay on the look for an attractive cloth to buy on Black Friday.

Black Friday Deals on Smartphones


Jumia Black Friday seems to focus more on smartphones and shoppers are encouraged to spare some cash for the biggest sale day. Throughout the years, Jumia has sold many smartphones than any other products during any Black Friday that has happened in Kenya before. More and many customers are looking forward to getting a new smartphone or just to upgrade to another top model in the market. Black Friday at Jumia aims to set hot offers and deals on selected mobile phones like Samsung, Cubot, Infinix, HTC and Tecno. The devices prices will drop magnificently as a huge sale of smartphones is expected on that day.

The phones scheduled to trend on that day have been sorted based on their breathtaking features like premium designs, clear cameras, hard designs, excellent performance and long lasting batteries. Jumia Kenya targeted the must-buy devices for their customers to enhance trust and reputation since some gadgets can create more harm than good in the long run. Smartphones like Infinix Hot 3 and Tecno Boom 8 are expected to drop off. So arm yourself with good cash so that you can take advantage of the sweet deals during the Black Friday 2016.

Black Friday Deals on TVs

LCD TVs are now popular in Kenya although the prices are not so good to some starters like us. Some Nairobi shops are selling them and making huge profits day after day. However, Jumia Black Friday is one the way and many customers online are eyeing on the big offers prepared for them on that day. The day will be crazy, and thus shoppers will be crazy with the deals too. Kenyans are expecting to take the luxurious TVs to their homes at the lowest price possible. Jumia, on the other hand, is doing some negotiations with their merchants just to make sure that the prices will be irresistible to their thousands of customers.

Black Friday on Jumia is expected to be bigger than before with almost every product going at a half price. If you have been looking forward to owning a 32 Inch TV, look nowhere else expect Jumia Kenya. Several TV ads are going round, and people are saving big for that day, you don’t want to be left behind too. If you buy your TV from Jumia, you are likely to pay almost a half price with additions coupons and one year warranty for your product. Deliveries typically take less than three days. So you won’t die of anxiety, Jumia team will drop it just next to your doorstep.

Black Friday Deals on Kitchen

Nowadays, a kitchen is an important place just like the sitting room. Kenyans want a place stocked with almost everything and not limited to a gas, sink, and cabinets. Jumia Black Friday focuses on giving their customers an offer in a lifetime, discounts and offers on kitchen utensils. Kitchen appliances are said to be sold at an unbelievable price that everyone will regret if you fail to get yourself a pan. The appliances range from fridges, cookers, gas, and several selected utensils. It’s a big sale that if you have a family, there will be much to buy at your disposal. In Jumia, there is always something for everyone, so even if you are single or you don’t cook, you will still get yourself a cup to use in your house.

And because of this, Jumia promises amazing offers on selected kitchen appliances and everything is dedicated to their loyal customers. You will have to stay connected and follow the trend for any emerging offer ahead. Some of the kitchen products that are said to be sold at a low price may be posted on social media for everyone to see. At the same time, TV ads will run weeks before the Jumia Black Friday just to keep the customer on the know-how. If you want a kitchen fridge with a price of 10k and below, look out for Jumia Kenya, and you will have something to smile about.

Black Friday Deals on Shoes


Obviously, when fashionistas hear about an offer coming soon, they raise their heads high. This is because they know how much they spend on their footwear. This year, Jumia Black Friday has prepared a good treat to their customers who love shoes than anything else. Whether you are a girl model or a boy model, Jumia Kenya is here to give you the best shoes to pride with among your peers. Jumia Black Friday 2016 will be a memorable day for you and your friends, they have selected a wide range of shoes from the leading shoe brands like Tommy, Bata, and Hugo Boss to give you an experience you will never get elsewhere. The company will run promotions as from 10th going up to the big day on the 25th of November. You don’t want to miss to get yourself a sports shoe or a leather business shoe for work. Wait for Black Friday patiently!


Black Friday is big and expected to leave a mark this year. Black Friday in Jumia will be a day with special deals and offers that will leave your mouth open. You don’t need much, save some money and prepare with good internet, Jumia Black Friday is real!

Motorola Droid RAZR Vs The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Comparison Review

The Motorola Droid RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are being released on November 10. But before they come out, keep reading and check out the specs below to determine which phone matches up to your needs.


The Droid RAZR has a sleek design which measures at 7.1 mm thin and stands at 130.7mm (5.15 inches) tall, making it one of the thinnest smart phones on the market. It’s not entirely flat, having just a minor bump at the top of the phone where the camera is, and front panel buttons.

The Galaxy Nexus measures 8.84mm thin and stands at 138mm (5.4 inches). The Nexus design is similarly sleek with the exception of a slightly curved glass front panel. The front remains button-free.

Overall, the RAZR is slightly thinner and slightly  lighter.

The Droid RAZR has a 4.3″ display, 256 pixels per inch, a Super AMOLED display, and will use a PenTile scheme.

The Galaxy Nexus has a 4.65″ display, 316 pixels per inch, a Super AMOLED display, and will use the PenTile scheme.

Overall, the Nexus gives you a larger screen which is great for streaming videos.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Droid RAZR uses the Texas Instrument OMAP 4 Platform 4430, with dual-core 1.2GHz and running the previously released Android 2.3.5., or Gingerbread with Motorola-made software.

The Galaxy Nexus uses the Texas Instrument OMAP 4 Platform 4460, with dual-core 1.2GHz and running straight more infofrom Google the brand new Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Overall, because each brand will be running different software, having simi lar chips does not mean that the speed and performance will be the same.

The Droid RAZR has 1 GB of RAM.

The Galaxy Nexus has 1 GB of RAM.

Overall, both phones have the same amount of RAM.

Download Speed:
The Droid RAZR will run on the Verizon 4G (LTE) system, with download speeds of 12-25 Mbps.

The Galaxy Nexus will run on the Verizon 4G(LTE) system, with download speeds of 8-25 Mbps. The Nexus will also offer an HSPA+ version, which is compatible for carriers outside the United States.

Overall, both phones within the United States, run on the same system with download speeds of 12-25 Mbps.

The Droid RAZR has 16GB of internal storage and an SD slot for extra storage. The package includes a 16GB SD card, expandable to 32GB.

The Galaxy Nexus offers 16GB or 32GB of internal storage and no SD card slot.

The Droid RAZR has 1780 mAh of battery.

The Galaxy Nexus has 1750 mAh of battery.

Overall, the RAZR will offer a little more battery life, but it is too soon to tell how much extra after running software and hardware.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus
The Droid RAZR offers 8 megapixels.

The Galaxy Nexus offers 5 megapixels. Google has also added panorama shot support and a zero shutter lag to the Nexus.

Overall, the Nexus offers more features but the RAZR has higher megapixels.

Last year Motorola Droid X was the best Android smartphone by Verizon Wireless. Again this year Motorola and Verizon teamed up to release the Droid X2 which offers enhancements regarding display which is qHD now and has faster dual core processor than its predecessor. It is bit disappointing that the X2 does not offer 4G data speed and also front-facing Camera. However, the Droid X2 comes boxed up with preloaded 8 GB microSD card, USB cable and wall charger. Motorola Droid X2 is now available in market for $199.99 with two years contract.


The design of the Droid X2 is exactly the same as of its predecessor and at first sight one can consider X2 as X. The smartphone has the same dimensions as of its sturdy predecessor with height 5.02 inches, width 2.58 inches and thickness 0.39 inches with weight 5.47 ounces.

Display of the smartphone is 4.3 inches capacitive touchscreen with resolution qHD 540×960 pixels and supports 16777216 colors. The X2 display is Multi-touch with Light sensor, Proximity sensor and has scratch resistant glass. Previously, Droid X has the WVGA display of resolution 480×854 pixels and now qHD display in X2 is a good update. Though the display is bright and clear but it is still not as smooth as Samsungs Super AMOLED touch screens. The screen is large and spacious that provides good browsing and video watching experience.

Below the display are present four physical buttons for Menu, Home, Back and Search. The right spine of the smartphone has volume controls and disappointingly there is no Camera button present. Left side of the Droid X2 has microUSB and HDMI ports. The top of the smartphone has 3.5mm headphone jack with a power button. The back of the smartphone has the Camera with dual LED flash light.

User Interface

Motorola Razr Maxx

Motorola Droid X2 is running on Android OS 2.2 Froyo which will be upgraded to OS 2.3 Gingerbread. Regarding UI the smartphone is using Motorola’s Motoblur software and it also has some enhancements. The UI now offers the home screens thumbnail view feature just like HTC Leap which is activated by pressing the Droid X2 Home button twice.


Droid X2 provide all the Messaging facilities that include SMS, MMS, Email and Instant Messaging through Google Talk. The Organizer of the smartphone has Calendar, Alarm, Document viewer and Calculator utilities. For Internet Browsing, Android WebKit browser is present and it supports HTML, HTML5, XHTML and Flash. In addition, it has default online services support for Facebook, PhotoBucket, Flickr, Picasa and Twitter. The Phonebook capacity of the X2 depends on the systems memory. X2 provides 8192 MB built-in memory. For memory expansion microSD and microSDHC slots are present and 32 GB is the maximum card size.

Regarding connectivity, the Droid X2 has Bluetooth, WiFi with Mobile Hotspot feature and microUSB for connecting mass storage device and USB charging. More connectivity features include HDMI, DLNA, and Computer and OTA synchronization. Other features of X2 include Voice dialing, Voice recording, Sensors for Accelerometer and Compass, TTY/TDD and Hearing aid compatibility M4/T4.

Multimedia features include Music Player that supports MP3, AAC and AAC+ formats. Video Playback feature the supports MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and WMV formats. In addition X2 provides FM Radio, audio/video streaming and YouTube player. The smartphone has 8 MP Camera with Dual LED flash light. Camera features include Auto focus, Digital zoom, White balance, Effects and Scenes. Video capture is also supported with resolution 1280×720 (720p HD) 30 fps.




Call quality of the smartphone is really impressive. The sound is nice and clear without any noise or distortion. Also with speakerphones the sound is clear even in loud places you can easily understand the conversation but sometimes at high volumes the sound is felt bit blown out. Now, regarding data speed the smartphone does not have 4G but still the 3G speed is really good and fast. The sites with rich flash contents take seconds to load and open.

Motorola Droid X2 is running on Dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor of 1000 MHz with 512 MB RAM. The processor is really powerful and fast. Applications launch in no time and navigation through menus and screen is rapid and really smooth. Moreover, the browsing speed is good and gaming graphics are amazing.

The smartphone is powered by Lithium-Ion battery of capacity 1540 mAh. Battery provides average talk time of 7 hours and stand by time of 19 days.


Though the lack of 4G data speed and some other features may seem bit disappointing but the device is in fact is fast with good graphics and battery life. There is no doubt that Motorola Droid X2 is the best and amazing smartphone offered by Verizon Wireless. Those who still want to have 4G speed can however check the other options like Motorola Droid Bionic or HTC Thunderbolt.